‘Friends’ or ‘Work Friends’

Hey! So today is not only Sunday, but a bank holiday weekend Sunday. For most people (excluding retail… I feel for you guys) this means a long weekend of drinking and no work to go to hungover the next day. For me not so much as my cells needed collecting and counting for one of my experiments. 👩‍🔬

Since my day wasn’t the most exciting, I wont bore you with the details… instead I’ll bore you with the ramblings of my brain.

Something reminded me of a guy I used to work with today and it made me laugh thinking about how he fooled us all into thinking he was just a really sensible guy who didn’t drink, didn’t have girlfriends, didn’t swear.. etc etc. This went on until after his last day when he sent a message to the work group chat with a photo of him drinking with his friends and pregnancy tests/ condoms in the background (obviously put there staged for us to see).

This got me thinking… do a lot of people have a different persona for work? I know it makes sense in some ways since at work you want to be seen as professional and probably dont want your boss to see that you got blind drunk on the weekend, but surely it takes a lot of effort to keep that up with colleagues you see everyday? Would you say that the people you know from work are your actual friends or are they just ‘work friends’ who you wouldn’t want to socialise with outside of work or introduce to your other friends?

I’m not sure myself.. in the past I have mixed my friendship groups and not really thought anything of it. This has blown up a few times when different personalities have clashed but I had never been wary of introducing people before. I think this is gradually changing as I slowly realise that a lot of people really do have different sides and I’m not the best judge of character. Does this mean I’m growing up? 🤷‍♀️😂


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