The Red Pill

So this is a bit of a different post to usual… its going to be about how I feel lately regarding gender equality and the feminist movement. It isn’t a post to hate on anyone or to say that anyone is in the wrong.. it’s just me putting down my thoughts and hopefully through that finding out some of your own thoughts so I can continue to learn about the issues. I’m not trying to offend anyone 😇😇😇.

Honestly I have always called myself a feminist mainly because it seemed like the only logical choice to make.. obviously I want gender equality… obviously I want women to have the same opportunities men have.. obviously I would like to know I will be treated the same as my male colleagues… obviously I want more women in STEM jobs. In my ignorance I had never fully researched the situation for myself but took what I had seen on the internet and social media at face value (ie. Buzz phrases like ‘the pink tax’ and ‘the patriachy’). I didn’t really think about the need for men’s rights to be improved… because it wasn’t something people really spoke about. I think the main turning point for me in understanding the need to listen to the needs of men (as well as women) was when I saw the male suicide rate. Unfortunately the only reason I looked into this was because of personal experience. Once I saw the issue here, it was like I couldn’t stop finding more issues… issues that aren’t necessarily the same as women’s issues, but not any less important.

Why is it that there isn’t more outrage for men in mainstream media? In the past I would have thought: well, men are on top, they don’t need outrage they can change it. Now I realise thats not necessarily true and maybe we all need to come together and support each other. Why is that so hard? Why do we need to have seperate movements? Why not just a ‘make life less shitty’ movement?

If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend watching The Red Pill, a documentary about men’s rights activists. It really helped open my eyes to different issues and whilst I am still very much in favour of improving women’s rights, I am most definitely for improving men’s rights too. From what I have seen on the internet a lot of ‘radical feminists’ would say this makes me Not a feminist… if so, so be it. If feminism isn’t about equal rights for Everyone… whats the point?

Sorry for the rambling, I would love to hear opinions on this as I am still trying to learn all I can. XOXO

#feminism #theredpill

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