Life in the lab 👩‍🔬

Hey! I’m a second year PhD student studying the importance of amino acid metabolism in cancer cells. Basically I spend my day playing around with baby cancer cells and seeing what happens if I mess with the levels of different proteins 👩‍🔬

Sometimes this work goes ok, most of the time it fails spectacularly… but so is the world of research! My friend once told me I should start keeping track of all the things that happen on a daily basis in my lab life since strange things always seem to happen to me. She even told me I could be JUST like Billie Piper in Diary of a Call Girl… but with less sex with strangers. So in the spirit of being even slightly like Billie Piper.. here I am!

I’m not sure what it is about the lab environment but it seems to attract quite an… interesting array of people. This usually makes for some interesting stories to tell my friends.. and now to record here! So sometimes this may be things that have happened that I found funny, sometimes it may just be about something that has went spectacularly wrong or even spectacularly right in the lab 😁

Bye for now


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