Life in lockdown and book reviews

Hi! Now seems like a good time to make a new post just with a little life and books read update since it has been so long. I hope everyone is coping well with the lockdown (and also the coming out of lockdown), it is not easy, and it will not be easy for a … Continue reading Life in lockdown and book reviews

An under appreciated amino acid: Proline

Most people have heard of a few of the cooler amino acids like glutamine and alanine, but most people probably wouldn't be able to say why proline is important too 🤔 Structure of proline: an under appreciated amino acid What makes proline under appreciated in my opinion is that it isn't usually a worry for … Continue reading An under appreciated amino acid: Proline

A weird day

Does anyone else have one of those days occasionally where everything is OK, work is going fine, people aren't doing anything particularly annoying... but still you feel like something just isn't right? I am having one of those days. My lab experiments are working, I have read a few papers... basically it's a normal day … Continue reading A weird day