Scientific Conferences

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading 🙂 This little post will be about my experiences going to scientific conferences and what I enjoyed/ disliked most about them. My first experience was a poster presentation at a conference at the University of Cambridge. As it was only my first year doing my PhD studies and I hadn't … Continue reading Scientific Conferences

The Radium Girls

Hi! This post will be about my thoughts on The Radium Girls by Kate Moore. I read this book quite quickly as it was the chosen book for The Girly Book Club and I had gotten distracted by other books (side note: I think everyone should consider joining a book club, they are so much … Continue reading The Radium Girls

A weird day

Does anyone else have one of those days occasionally where everything is OK, work is going fine, people aren't doing anything particularly annoying... but still you feel like something just isn't right? I am having one of those days. My lab experiments are working, I have read a few papers... basically it's a normal day … Continue reading A weird day